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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

We are a people business, we love meeting people but we are taking Covid-19 seriously.

Search & Select is committed to continue serving our valued Clients & Candidates both locally and further afield and due to the evolving situation regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and practices outlined by the World Health Organisation and local authorities, it is important that you are aware of what preventative measures we have in place.

Our management team is regularly reviewing the progress of the outbreak and have contingency plans in place that allow all of our workforce to work from home/remotely if necessary.

We have extra hygiene measures in place in our offices and kindly ask any visitors to adhere:

·         A notice is on our door to advise anyone with symptoms or anyone that has travelled in the last 3 weeks to any country on the World Health website not to come in.

·         Hand sanitiser is available in every meeting room for visitors and staff to use, please do so.

·         No hand shaking to take place

·         Staff are encouraged to wash hands continuously at every available opportunity (hand sanitiser machine is on the wall by our main staff office)

·         Meeting rooms will be cleaned regularly

·         Any new health signs that correlate with symptoms of Convid-19 then staff are advised to self-isolate and have the facility to work from home if healthy enough to do so.

·         All new candidates are asked if they have travelled in the last 3 weeks and a decision is made at that point on whether we interview face-to-face or via video/phone.

We will actively work with our clients to ensure that there is full cooperation with their policies regarding this also.

From a business operational point of view we do not wish for you to worry as we can continue to help with all your normal needs/requirements and are well placed to use phone, video chat and other means where necessary.

If anyone wishes to read more about COVID-19 they can do so here (warning external link)

Everyone's welfare is top priority so respect those around you.

Mark Burman
Author: Mark Burman

He's our temp and contract recruitment specialist, but Mark also does accounts, IT and marketing. Spends his downtime fishing and marathon running.

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