Fraud & Revenue Assurance Manager

Isle of Man
Our client seeks a Fraud and Revenue Assurance (RA) Manager
Role Profile: Responsible for the development, implementation and managing of RA and Fraud strategy to ensure that the revenue streams are protected for the Group. You will be expected to operate unsupervised and make sound decisions that contribute to the achievement of business objectives.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Responsible to provide and independent Fraud and RA view and advice into the formation of the company's objectives, strategy and short to medium term plans at the design and development phases in order to promote the company's products, services and brand.
  • Responsible for managing and developing the Fraud and RA strategy, the strategic roadmap and its implementation and monitoring.
  • Responsible to manage, develop, implement and provide oversight controls and processes to ensure that the Group's Revenues are assured and minimize revenue leakages.
  • Lead or contribute in complex and critical workstream investigations in relation to revenue fluctuations
  • Responsible to represent the Finance department's interests and objectives in project teams and report back when required.  
  • Provide Fraud and RA advice to other areas of the business with respect to resolving financial issues, answering financial questions and / or protecting the reputation and brand.
  • Responsible for stakeholder management across the Group in relation to Fraud and RA issues.
  • A key stakeholder in dealing with Internal Auditors and External Auditor's requests and facilitate the audit process (both Internal and External).
  • Owner of the Total Billing and Metering System (TMBS) Audit processes.
  • To ensure the financial integrity of all Systems containing financial information. To include:
  • Manage projects and implement improvements related to RA as required.
  • Investigate and recommend solutions to revenue and billing underperformance and improvement opportunities.
  • Maintain a strong knowledge of industry changes and regulatory framework impacting on revenue assurance activities.
  • Ensure that the processes are documented between network and billing systems - fixed and mobile networks - and that the appropriate measures are in place to prevent billing errors.
  • Ensure reconciliation is in place between network and billing system from start to finish
  • Ensure that the facilities and processes are in place and documented to support any potential error scenarios
  • Ensure bills are accurate and complete and delivered on time
  • Ensure that data is regularly audited end to end and any discrepancies between point of sale and final billed amount can be accounted for.
  • Ensure that necessary measures are in place to ensure effective billing
  • Chair and represent Fraud and RA interests in the Billing System Release Management Team assessing risks and providing oversight on deployments.
  • Prepare detailed and high-level reports on revenue assurance and related functions as required.
  • Perform detailed revenue analysis, forecasts, calculations and present findings.
  • Ensure that the business obtains and maintains its TMBS certification in order to continue its ability to do business in the Isle of Man
  • Lead by example in the delivery of excellent service to customers.
  • Owner of the RA Policy.
  • Ensure fraud oversight is in place across Systems and revenue streams. To include:
  • Develop the Fraud Strategy and fraud oversight coverage of Group's systems and revenue streams.
  • Consider the current and future fraud requirements to mitigate against fraud attacks, both internally and externally.
  • Work with the retail team to provide advice to be passed to the customer(s) in order to protect their service when they are travelling.
  • Provide fraud training to colleagues throughout the group, so that they can support with the oversight of fraud counter measures.
  • Provide oversight by monitoring mitigating controls (reports and / or alerts) to identify potential frauds and fraud attacks.
  • Consider fraud risks during projects and recommend counter measures to be deployed to mitigate risk of fraud attack(s).
  • Present findings of investigation via the fraud report along with strengthening recommendations which could be control(s) development and / or other counter measures for the company to consider appropriate courses of action.
  • Monitor industry fraud risks and lead the assessment of risk exposure to the Group and mitigation if required.
  • Owner of the Fraud Policy.
  • Provide mechanisms to identify if performance deviates outside acceptable limits. The acceptable limits for each entity such as CDR accuracy, billing accuracy, fraud, debt etc. should be defined so that analysis and reporting can be simplified. Reporting in a user-friendly form that indicates the relative scale and source of problems to the appropriate functions to enable informed decisions and corrective actions to be taken if performance is outside acceptable limits or is approaching predetermined critical thresholds.
  • Ensure effective prioritisation of the issues. A pragmatic approach is needed to prioritise which products, services, systems and processes merit attention. Prioritisation may be based on the number of customers served, revenues generated, losses being incurred, or the level of customer complaint according to the perceived risks.
  • Ensure that other areas of the business are aware of their responsibilities and contributions to be made to revenue assurance. For example, ensure that all end-to-end processes/work instructions are documented in the event that someone leaves another member of staff can easily understand and perform the leaving persons tasks.
  • Ensure open communication and facilitation of issue resolution between different areas of the business and that all processes are consistent end-to-end, including manual processes as well as the system processes.
Key Skills and Experience:
  • Appropriate First Degree (or equivalent)
  • Significant experience in Financial position
  • Significant experience in telecoms company
  • Detailed understanding of telecoms financial issues
  • Detailed understanding of telecoms IT issues
  • Ability to lead, motivate and manage people
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Ability to organise and plan effectively
Post Graduate Degree or MBA
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