Looking for a permanent role?

Hi, we are Angie and Debbie

We connect great companies with great people. Since 1998 we’ve helped thousands of candidates find rewarding careers.


What sets us apart?

Our connections and your talent.  If you’re looking for a job we’ve got the contacts to get you through the right doors at the right time.


We won't give up on you

Heard of Bill Gates? Even exceptional people find it hard to get started. If you don't nail it first time we'll help you fine tune your application. 


Need to get back on track?

Feel like you've lost your way a bit? It happens to the best of us.  Our experts can help you rediscover your work passion, reinvent your career path and soar with the eagles.


"It's faster to apply directly"

Faster but not as effective. Our industry contacts trust us not to waste their time with anything but serious contenders. That means your application WON’T get lost in a black hole and WILL be reviewed by key decision makers.


It won't cost you a penny

You have nothing to lose by approaching us for a new start or that exciting step up in your career, it costs you, the candidate, nothing.