What if getting hired was quicker, easier and success guaranteed?

You need expert help from a team with bags of experience to help find your ideal role (we have been in business since 1998). What you don’t need is time-consuming registration, confidentiality concerns and fears you’ll be forgotten about. Don't worry, we've got it covered.


Easy registration

Our registration process is stress-free and speedy. We only ask the relevant questions and we only ask them once.  


You've got our attention

You are more than a CV or an application. We work hard to understand your career goals when we're searching for your ideal job.


Your employer does not need to know

We maintain customer discretion at all times and we'll meet you anywhere* to make sure that things are kept confidential.

* Maybe not The Calf of Man or Tower of Refuge!


"Why don't I just go direct?"

Because we work with a large network of companies, we can open the door to opportunities that may never reach your radar.

Value added

More than a job search

As well as putting you forward for jobs, we also offer specialist advice in your chosen field, such as CV guidance, interview coaching, career mapping and salary advice.


"Professional", "helpful", and other positive things that people had to say about Search and Select

  • Google Review

    "Pam Dixon has been absolutely amazing from initially meeting with me and gathering my exact job requirements until finding and placing me in a role which ticket all of the boxes I had. She's been professional, helpful, friendly and accommodating all through out the process! I can't thank you enough for my dream job! Thank you!:)"

  • Candidate

    My story is a little bit more complex than the usual cases since I am from Argentina and migrating to the Isle of Man is not an easy task. I was contacted by Anne a couple of years back who asked me about my skills and preferences. Ever since our first interview, Anne never stopped searching and introduced me to companies on the island. Thanks to her perseverance I was able to find a great opportunity in the Isle of Man.
    I would like to commend the Search & Select team, especially Anne, for all the hard work and professionalism.

  • Candidate

    "Although I was only visiting the island for a few days, Sally arranged two interviews for me within a remarkably short time. On the first business day after I arrived back in Scotland, Sally surprised me by conveying a job offer, with a delayed starting date, perfect for arranging a smooth departure from my then employer, and sorting the mechanics of relocating.I recommend prospective employers and employees to search and quality with Search and Select".

  • Google Review

    "Excellent professional service consistently provided. From the initial registration process and chat about my requirements and circumstances, not just the contents of my CV; through to presenting potential roles of customers they partner with and understand, arranging of interview and after interview follow up. Highly recommended, one of the best recruitment agencies on the Isle of Man".

  • Google Review

    "Excellent and professional company to work with. They guide and help you through all the steps with a personalised service. Highly recommended to work with them."