What if getting hired was quicker, easier and success guaranteed?

You need expert help from a team with bags of experience to help find your ideal role (we have been in business since 1998). What you don’t need is time-consuming registration, confidentiality concerns and fears you’ll be forgotten about. Don't worry, we've got it covered.


Easy registration

Our registration process is stress-free and speedy. We only ask the relevant questions and we only ask them once.  


You've got our attention

You are more than a CV or an application. We work hard to understand your career goals when we're searching for your ideal job.


Your employer does not need to know

We maintain customer discretion at all times and we'll meet you anywhere* to make sure that things are kept confidential.

* Maybe not The Calf of Man or Tower of Refuge!


"Why don't I just go direct?"

Because we work with a large network of companies, we can open the door to opportunities that may never reach your radar.

Value added

More than a job search

As well as putting you forward for jobs, we also offer specialist advice in your chosen field, such as CV guidance, interview coaching, career mapping and salary advice.


"Professional", "helpful", and other positive things that people had to say about Search and Select

  • Candidate

    "I spent the summer chasing 3 other leading agencies for work on a weekly basis but having found no leads I decided to register with Search and Select. I was interviewed at a prestigious CSP the next day and started working for them the following Monday. I couldn't be happier in my well suited position and I am also getting more money than I had done in previous temp positions with different agencies. I just wish I had approached Search and Select sooner!"

  • Candidate

    Overall I found the help and support that has been provided was first rate. The redundancy came as a real shock. I was very grateful for the initial contact which helped give a framework for me to build on as I entered into the gardening leave period. Also worth mentioning that the people I have spoken to on the phone and at reception have been very open and welcoming in what could have been quite daunting circumstances.

    I found that being able to talk through and sense-check the thoughts about my future options with you was very beneficial and provided comfort that what I am seeking to do is realistic and achievable.

    Finally, I was pleased that my aspirations for a career change are catered for within the support package; in other words that the Outplacement Support wasn't just to find a new job doing much the same thing but was flexible to me personally.

  • Candidate

    "My Search and Select experience: Changing jobs is never an easy period but i found the guys at Search and Select to be very friendly, efficient and worked hard to find the right role for me. All of which made the whole process a lot less stressful and enjoyable".

  • Candidate

    "Just a quick mail to say thanks a million for finding me a suitable job that matches my abilities and experience. You gave me confidence to look for a job after a long period of being out of work. I will certainly recommend Search and Select to anyone else seeking employment".

  • Candidate

    I just wanted to thank you so much for your help in finding a new role. You really helped me believe in myself at a point when I felt very overwhelmed and lost. You were calm, professional and seemed to understand what I wanted. I recall that you mentioned xxx during our chat, you knew it would be a good fit for me right away. Although xxx had expressed they wanted someone slightly different, you had the insight to put me forward anyway, I'm so grateful that you did! I'm getting on so well, its been a challenge, but I'm really enjoying it. A big thank you to you for listening, considering what type of organisation might suit me, and for putting me forward. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who's looking to move.