What if recruitment was quicker, easier and success guaranteed?

Good recruitment is good for business. Those who get it right experience 3.5 times more revenue growth and twice the profit margin of others. We’ve been recruiting since 1998 so there’s not much we don't know about the industry. Why take unnecessary risks when you could benefit from an expert service that gets it right first time?


Wave goodbye to CV sifting

We're brilliant at candidate shortlisting because we've been doing it for decades. We only send you applications from candidates with the right levels of experience. And yes- we can also spot the wild cards!


No win, no fee

Search & Select will not charge the employer a penny until our candidate is successfully hired, so satisfaction and success is guaranteed


Reduce hire-time by 50%

The average recruitment time in the UK is 36 days, although some positions can take over 6 months. This can leave a revenue gap that can be damaging to operations and profit. Search & Select understands the importance of mobilising within hours rather than days. 


Water-tight confidentiality

We are very, very experienced at striking a balance between protecting your privacy and proactively looking for your next hire. 


Finding the right fit

We take time to understand your business values and business culture to be able to match candidates to fit.  Good matches mean people stay longer, thrive in their roles and bring real value to your business.


Eliminate wasteful spend

Going through the process of advertising, shortlisting and interviewing and still not finding the right person is expensive and disheartening.  A bad hire is like that but X 10. Search & Select significantly reduces hire time and overhead.  We also guarantee success, or your money back.


We have the talent

Search & Select enjoys an outstanding reputation for attracting the very best talent and when you work with us, you get full access to that pool.  Enjoy the competitive advantage of accessing candidates who are discreetly looking and not registered with other recruiters.

Other Specialist Services for Employers

We provide a candidate screening service on a bespoke basis. This includes any pre-employment checks that you wish for us to carry out such as the following, and more:

  • Criminal Checks (standard and enhanced)
  • Credit Checks
  • Media Checks
  • Sanctions Checks
  • Employment Checks
  • Qualification Verification

Costs will be provided on request.

Redundancy is a difficult time for everyone. The opportunity is in creating professionally managed outplacement programs to help departing members move on to new careers; offering one to one counselling, or targeted group sessions, to help instil positive thinking and strengthen confidence.

Outplacement support is also a worthwhile investment in morale; a subtle form of communication to remaining employees left feeling unsettled and concerned about the future. At Search & Select we offer the specialist support to assist the individuals your organisation may release or redeploy as a result of market conditions/business change. We have many years' experience in providing specialist outplacement support to individuals across a range of professions. Our programmes focus on encouraging people to think positively about change; we are well equipped to deal with the full range of emotions associated with redundancy and the need to rebuild individual confidence allowing them to embrace the job search.

Recognising that the organisational context as well as the individual perspective will vary across different professions or sectors, we can tailor our service to suit your organisation and the needs of your individuals.

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable consultants utilise a range of focused training material to support individuals through career transition or change, covering career coaching/honest job market information/counselling/techniques for finding new employment.

If you are considering buying, merging or selling your business, Signature Acquisitions offers a discreet introductory service to help put you together and facilitate discussions with qualified prospects.

Go to Signature Acquisitions

If your business has a specific need to run campaigns, Search & Select can put a bespoke solution together for you, providing strategic partnership support.

If you are planning for the future or would like to move on from your business it can be very difficult to know which way to turn. Search & Select offers a confidential service to see you through changing times- anything from the sale of a business through to the appointment of a new board.


"Professional", "helpful", and other positive things that people had to say about Search and Select

  • Client

    Wish we had found Search and Select earlier when needing to recruit staff.

    Search and Select are highly professional in their approach to introducing candidates.

    Very helpful with offering interview facilities to assist with candidates attending for interviews close to their place of work.

    Very good at follow-up and “after care” once placements are made.

    It is plain to see that Search & Select care about their clients and candidates.

  • Client

    "A strong team who provide us with good support. I believe local businesses need more support breaking down the barriers to the immigration process and off island recruitment. This can help to further support the objective of increasing the economically active working population".

  • Client

    "I think that the team provide an excellent service and have assisted us a number of times with finding the right candidate for our roles and to suit our working environment".

  • Google Review

    "The team at Search and Select were the most friendly, helpful, positive and accommodating recruitment agency I had the pleasure of meeting with."
    (Google review)

  • Client

    "I think S&S understand our needs well and have helped secure good candidates which on occasion have converted into hires. Keep up the great work".