Looking for an executive role?

Hi. We are Sally and Anne, your Executive Team

With our vast network and international outlook we've been successfully placing senior executives into business-critical roles since 1998.


Your employer doesn't need to know

We believe the recruitment of executive personnel must be conducted with the utmost care.  Discreet, experienced and meticulous, we treat your application with the strictest confidentiality.


One size doesn't fit all

We're committed to helping you plan a rewarding career that matches YOUR ambitions and values.


Connecting you with the best

Because we have decades of experience working with prestigious companies on confidential and exclusive roles, we enjoy deep networks and immediate access to board-level decision makers.


We value your time

We like to understand our clients and share our in-depth knowledge. For more insight on available positions, many of which are not in the public domain, please get in touch with our office.


We know our industry

We've been a major player in executive search since 1998.  Against a background of growing internationalism, globalisation, mergers and acquisitions we’ve earned a reputation for providing a world-class service that exceeds all expectations, every time.