Pre-Employment Screening and why is it so necessary!

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Pre-Employment Screening

Firstly, Congratulations! 

If you are undergoing the Pre-Employment Screening process, you will have received a job offer.

What is it?

PES is an acronym we work with so often in our day-to-day lives as Recruiters within Financial Services or a Regulated Business.

PES or Pre-Employment Screening is an assessment implemented by employers (or businesses) within a regulated industry to validate the integrity, legitimacy and validity of individuals during the onboarding process. 

Onboarding: is the process of integrating a new employee in an organisation, or familiarising a new customer or client with a company’s products/services.

At Search & Select we have a large Temporary Workforce.  As a result, we carry our Pre-Employment screening as per our clients stipulations.

Why is it used?

·         To validate the legitimacy and integrity of the applicants applying.

·         To ensure the candidates we provide employers are who they say they are and present no threat to their organisation.

·         Deny employment to individuals intending to harm an organisation.

Why do you need so much information?

Let’s think about this… If you were to open a bank account, you would be expected to provide evidence of who you are, where you are from and where the source of funds come from. The same with a Passport process, evidence and validity are paramount.

So why would it be any different when securing a role in the Finance Sector?  Financial Services companies hold a vast range of confidential information and it is essential for both our reputation and for our employers that we are providing Candidates who have passed all the relevant checks.  

What is needed?

As a Temp of Search & Select Recruitment Agency; we often have set onboarding that needs to be carried out for you to join on behalf of our client. It is therefore our obligation to carry out Pre-Employment Screening checks before we send you to work. 

Temporary PES Checklist:

Address History form for the last 6 years.
Employment History – We are required to obtain references from all previous employers and educational institutes for the past 5 years
Proof of Right to Work – Passport, Birth Certificate and/or Government Letter confirming worker status
Proof of Identity – Passport, Birth Certificate, International ID Card
Proof of Address – Utility bill (Gas, Electric, TV License, Internet, Landline Telephone) or a Bank/Building Society/Credit Card statement (less than 3 months old)
Proof of Recent Employment/Activity - T21 or 3 Payslips or Employment Contract (for the past 3 months)
Proof of Qualifications - All Certificates for all qualifications; academic & professional

Common CV Pitfalls you don’t want to slip into:

-          Get your CV right!

CV’s are THE most common source of Pre-Employment Screening problems/failures.

Get your dates/grades/employers right.  If you can’t remember them, check.  Ask someone to proof-read your CV and even to quiz you on the information to ensure it is accurate.   

Don’t let the wrong dates on a CV be the reason you fail; a typo of a grade D as opposed to grade E can cost you a job.  No matter how small the error.  Pre-employment Screening will find it. 

-          Don’t Lie!

This cannot be stressed enough; Pre-Employment Screening is in place to ensure the integrity of the candidate being assessed. 

Education and grades can be the source of embarrassment for many candidates.  Say you didn’t receive the predicted grades you wanted, or you just missed out on that C in Maths.  As tempting as it may be to write down a C and hope for the best... DON’T LIE.  Be honest with your consultant from the get go and your job search will be much, much, easier.  This rule applies for any credit issues, criminal convictions or previous reason for leaving employment.

Remember your Consultant wants to help you secure a job!  They will ask these questions early on, so you don’t miss out on any opportunities.  Work with your Consultant to give yourself the best possible chance of securing a role.

-          Cover the GAPS!

 ·         Gap Year after School/Uni? State it on your CV.

·         Short Career break to look after a loved one? State it on your CV.

·         Personal Problems? State it on your CV.

Breaks in employment happen.   No matter the reason; include a single sentence explaining why you weren’t in employment on your CV and you will help your future-self secure that perfect position much sooner!

Why is it so important?

Because without it your contract is void.  Many of the jobs we see are subject to Candidates passing Pre-Employment Screening checks. 

Permanent Jobs: You will find that your new employers will often carry out the same checks Temporary staff undergo.  Job offers have been withdrawn because a candidate has failed pre-employment screening.  Please don’t let this be you!

Integrity, Honesty, Validity of who you are and that you are suitable for the position advertised is essential.

To find out more about Pre-Employment Screening and if you want to take on a Temp or to become one of our Temps.  Get in touch with our qualified Consultants to have an open, honest conversation.

Happy Job Hunting!

Author: Mabel

Mabel works part-time in the office and is often there to assist with admin, but unfortunately can often be found asleep next to the radiator.

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