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When you're thinking of making a change it's important to assess where you are today before you can decide where you are going.

You may have been coasting, or you may be bored to death with your current job.

Today is the day when you can make new choices and perhaps even make a leap into a totally different career direction.

The advice we offer can help you look positively to the future and give careful consideration to your career aspirations.

You need to get an overview of what you want, everything from the size of the company you'd like to be a part of to the kind of salary you're looking for.

If you're going to make a change your new working environment needs to be just right and the training and development on offer must suit your expectations.

Your main aim may be simply to find a new and rewarding job but it's important to setting specific career objectives.

This is a great time to evaluate all your aims in life, both career-related and personal.

To achieve some of your objectives you may find you need to set yourself a number of intermediate objectives.  These should be re-evaluated regularly because they will almost certainly change over time.

Author: Linda Fisher

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