How to prepare for a digital job interview

Sally Fenton
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So for years most of us have been used to face to face interviews, where you dress in your best suit, shake hands upon meeting and look the person or people in the eyes as you are sat around a table.

So how does this change for a digital interview I hear you ask? – So to be clear by digital this could be skype, face time, zoom or one of the many other platforms we all use today.

With global mobility and I won’t say the ‘C’ word these are a popular choice at this present time.

So here at Search & Select we want to help you win that job so here are some top tips!

1)Just because it is digital doesn’t mean you don’t need to prepare! Read the company website, research your interviewers, write down those questions you want to ask, look at the companies values and write down examples for questions you think you may get asked around the role profile.

2)Don’t wear your pyjamas you have to set the tone and don’t forget first impressions count.

3)Ensure you are in a quiet space and trial your technology before you start.

4)If there are key things you want to remember to share, put sticky notes behind your screen so it still looks like you are looking at the interviewer(s). This always helps if you have brain freeze!

5)Keep it short & sweet – during a digital interview, it can be difficult to keep people’s attention. You want your answers as crisp and concise as possible, making sure you get to the point quickly and effectively.

6)Try to show enthusiasm and energy – because people on the other side of the connection are seeing a limited part of you, its easy to come across as very unenthusiastic, even if that’s completely unintentional. Work on fluctuating your voice tone to ensure you don’t come across as monotone or “flat”. Try smiling and showing different expressions.

Best of luck from all of us here at Search & Select

Author: Sally Fenton

It takes two decades of board-level expertise and shed loads of industry passion to make a leader like Sally. Outdoorsy adventure? Try and stop her.

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