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Is a Recruitment Agency for me?

Taking your first step onto the career ladder can be a daunting encounter, however, Search & Select is here to help you. If you are a recent school leaver and you are looking for your first office job then we are here to assist. We ultimately help you secure your next job but can also provide insights, guidance and advice. Best of all, it’s all completely FREE!

Search & Select has been a family run Recruitment Agency for over 23 years so we have a lot of experience. We will make you feel welcome and will offer you advice which is important, especially for school leavers or graduates who will inevitably have limited experience using an agency.

By signing up with Search & Select we will help and guides you through the job seeking process. Our extensive recruitment experience means that we know what you should expect during your job searching process and match you with suitable roles.

Sounds interesting, but not sure what happens next? Not a problem, this blog outlines our process and what you can expect as a Candidate.

The Search & Select Recruitment Process

1.    Upload Your CV onto Search & Select’s Website

Upload your CV to Don’t worry if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your CV or you haven’t received CV writing guidance in the past, we can help you with that. Be sure to include your Education and Work Experiences though so the appropriate Consultant can help you.

2.    Initial Phone Call

Upon receipt of your CV, you will be assigned an appropriate Consultant to help you with your job search. They will give you a call to discuss your search. Often this is to confirm details and manage expectations. If we are able to help, you are invited in for an initial meeting with your Consultant.

3.    Meeting with Your Consultant

Developing an initial an open and honest relationship with your Consultant is vital as there is naturally a lot of communication and correspondence between both parties throughout your job search. A meeting helps put a face to an email address and a telephone voice. We feel that that a face to face meeting allows us to gain an accurate understanding of your job search so we can tailor your job search to you. By building a relationship you will feel confident in talking to your Consultant going forward as we may cover some confidential or sensitive subject matters along the way.

We tailor these meetings with the goal to try and find the very best jobs suitable for you. In order to achieve this, we break down our meeting into a few stages.

We will provide you with an introduction to Search & Select, find out about you and what you want to achieve. You will be free to ask any questions throughout.

If you haven’t used an agency before, we will explain how we operate and what you can expect.  

We will confirm your job search specifications and personal details.

We will go through your CV so we can gain a clearer picture of your experiences, roles and responsibilities. A CV should accurately reflect you, your experiences and what you want to achieve. If we feel that you would benefit from some advice, then we would be happy to advise you on some amendments.

Towards the end of the meeting, once we have got to know you and your story, we will discuss potential roles with you.

Although there will be opportunities for questions throughout and at the end of the meeting. We work closely with Clients on a daily basis and have a unique insight into the Isle of Man business landscape and job market. We are some of the most informed individuals so if you have any questions about your meeting, your job search or the Manx job market as a whole then who better to ask than your Consultant.

4.    Job Applications

Following your meeting, there will be some jobs which you would like us to apply for on your behalf. Once we submit your CV, we will have to wait to hear back from our Clients. As soon as we do, we will reach out to you to keep you updated. The time it takes to hear back from Clients can vary depending on the organisation and which stage they are at in their hiring process. 

By working together, we can make your next job application a successful one!


Literally speaking, there is no time like the present, so what are you waiting for? We are hiring for all levels, including entry level jobs. Be warned though, the job market can move oh so very quickly and your dream job will not be vacant forever so as we fittingly leave summer behind don’t forget to make hay while the sun shines, register with us today!   

Submit your CV now at or get in touch to find out more.

Personal Thoughts

One of the greatest advantages of being a Recruitment Consultant means that I have the privilege of meeting people and building relationships with people from all walks of life on a daily basis. I take immense pride with the responsibility of looking after someone’s job search. Consequently, there is no greater job satisfaction than helping a Candidate secure their dream job, especially whilst watching their personal development improve and their confidence grow.

Mark Burman
Author: Mark Burman

He's our temp and contract recruitment specialist, but Mark also does accounts, IT and marketing. Spends his downtime fishing and marathon running.

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