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Ever since the company was founded in 1998, Search and Select has had a firm belief that success and skills need to be shared. We recognise our responsibility in ensuring that, through sharing these successes and skills, we are able to have a positive impact on our community and planet, and ensure that our operations are ethical, transparent and carried out with utmost integrity. We believe that we hold this responsibility across political, social, economic and environmental aspects of both our local and wider community.

Human Rights

We operate in alignment with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, as well as under the Isle of Man Equality Act 2017 and internationally recognised Human Rights Acts. Thus, our values align with the attitudes detailed in these Acts. We are against all forms of forced or coerced labour, and believe that business should be conducted in a fair and non-corrupt manner, including extortion and bribery.

We work to eliminate discrimination against the protected characteristics included under the Isle of Man Equality Act 2017. In turn, we promote diversification and inclusion across our own workplace, as well as through recruiting and retaining the best talent for our Clients without discrimination against the aforementioned characteristics. We firmly believe diversity and inclusion should not simply be about box ticking or political correctness, but promotion and celebration of talent from all backgrounds. Click here to read more about our attitudes towards equality.

We hosted a Future Works Event on Equality in the Workplace. This event was designed to invigorate leaders’ inclination to embrace equality and become more attune to unconscious biases that are omnipresent throughout the recruitment process and in the workplace. This introduced an audience of 80 Isle of Man professionals to the ideas and practices of inclusion, as presented by speaker Hayley Barnard. Click here to read more about the event.

Local Community

At Search and Select, we love getting involved with our local community. This spans from supporting charities to hosting events that enrich and educate our candidates, clients and wider community. We aim to help in any way we can across a range of charities and organisations.

In 2022, we have supported an array of local charities, including Ellan Vannin Arthritis Care, Home of Rest for Old Horses, Manx Breast Cancer, Bowel Cancer IOM, and we also sponsor Ramsey BMX. We have also supported many more charities over the years, including Hospice, Isle of Man Stroke Association, Reach and more.

We have had the pleasure of being able to fund the Isle of Man Ambulance Service to put a large advertising banner on the side of their new Ambulance. Click here to read more.

We were also able to present the Manx Breast Cancer Society with a donation, which was raised through dress down days by the team and matched by the business. Click here to read more.



We believe that the environment in which we live should be treated with care and we recognise our responsibility to play our part in doing so. As an office, our main environmental impact is our energy usage through powering our office. We have multiple strategies in place in order to help reduce our carbon footprint, water usage and wastage. This includes the implementation of energy-saving lightbulbs, an instant hot water tap, recycling, as well as operating a primarily paperless office.

We have also planned for new windows to be installed in the next month which will help reduce our energy usage through better insulation.


As a recruitment agency, we are passionate about creating a quality workforce in quality posts. We are recognised for the importance of our work in helping the local and wider economy, through helping candidates who may be finding their first job, returning to the workplace after redundancy, or developing their careers. We feel that by helping create a quality workforce we are able to have a positive impact on the economy, particularly through the challenges the job market has faced in recent years.

We regularly post Insights on our website detailing advice for both candidates and clients, helping create a quality workforce and workplace. Click here to read our Insights.

Mark Burman
Author: Mark Burman

He's our temp and contract recruitment specialist, but Mark also does accounts, IT and marketing. Spends his downtime fishing and marathon running.

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