What is Executive Recruitment at Search & Select….?

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What is Executive Recruitment at Search & Select….?

Executive recruitment is how we started our journey into recruitment in 1998. Back then that is all we did. Why – because we are really good at it! We were so good at Executive recruitment our clients were asking us time and time again to help them with temporary, contract and general level recruitment too. This is because they wanted the same experience, knowledge and service levels we provided with executive level recruitment for other job openings they had - so that is what we did. We built our team and service offerings to provide an unmatched service to our Clients and Candidates which brings us right through to 2021. Wow – a whirlwind summary.

Our Executive recruitment team are experts in doing things at pace and behind the scenes, working hard to think about not only skill set, culture, team fit, where the business wants to go moving forward and what the candidate wants from their move moving forward. There are a lot of things to align but when you have lived and breathed just that for over 22 years it is a well-practiced art. We can make it seem effortless but behind the scenes that hard work has been accomplished over years of networking, building relationships, knowing and understanding your industry and market. Our network spans far and wide. We know the local and offshore market like the back of our hands and can give intel to the clients that partner with us on the current state of the market and what the candidate search may look like . This means no time is wasted!

But what is Executive recruitment I still hear you ask.... It is being responsible for finding candidate’s for senior-level jobs (‘C’ Suite roles, Non-Executive Director positions and Senior Management) and working with an employer to find them the skills they need to fill that particular position. This may be a like for like replacement but can often be to take a business in a new strategic direction, exit planning, acquisition, retirement planning, a new start up or to add new skills into a business that is changing or wishes to change direction. This is often extremely confidential (& confidentiality is our name) as if a listed business there are certain requirements that need to be followed and if not listed a board and team need to consider before announcements are made.

Here at Search & Select our Executive team invest as much time as a client will give us to understand their businesses, culture, people and objectives meaning that when they need such a person we already have the back drop. If you are new to us we are also very good and understanding all of that very quickly. We will just have a lot of questions! We can then make that much more fun by doing it over a coffee, lunch or drinks though ?? :)

Why and how are we successful – we know what we are doing. We have a highly capable, well trained and enthusiastic team coupled with an extensive network locally and internationally. You can’t wipe away 22 years of experience and a network that would take some rivalling. The beauty of it is we usually know the good, bad and the ugly to be able to only deliver the best candidate’s for the role, weeding out without you realising the candidate’s you wouldn’t want to employ! You can’t just do that from a LinkedIn search as that insight and background information wouldn’t exist for you.

Are you looking to hire at this level or a candidate looking for that next move then get in touch with the Search & Select Executive team to confidentially discuss next steps.

Author: Sally Fenton

It takes two decades of board-level expertise and shed loads of industry passion to make a leader like Sally. Outdoorsy adventure? Try and stop her.

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