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Whilst no business likes to make their staff redundant, it happens. Business plans change, businesses evolve, businesses are acquired or they acquire other businesses, processes automate, work is outsourced and this ultimately means that roles and people are no longer required.

A businesses decision to communicate these changes to staff is never an easy one however, with Outplacement Support as part of the redundancy package this is invaluable and also leaves staff members feeling fully supported throughout what is an unsettling time for them.

Having worked in the Recruitment Industry for many years as a Recruiter and Outplacement Specialist, I have observed and witnessed both sides of the coin. Candidates that have been offered Outplacement and Candidates that have not. The differences observed and witnessed are disturbing.

I have witnessed – long term issues with mental health, anger, these specific times being blanked from memory as they were distressing, feelings of being left, feelings of isolation, not knowing what to do, who to turn to for advice and guidance, huge confidence issues, taking inappropriate jobs meaning distorted career paths, CVs not fit for purpose, what did I do wrong scenarios, family life changes and the list can go on. Seeing Candidates that have gone through this is distressing and long-term damage has occurred when this could have been easily avoided by offering Outplacement Support. Once this damage has been done, it takes so much longer to try and repair this.

Candidates that have received Outplacement, whilst they initially come with some of the above, they leave with much more confidence and the ability to move on as they have been supported throughout. They see that Redundancy should be embraced and seen as the start of a new chapter and set of opportunities. They understand the reasons behind the situation and with the guidance and support they need to help with the whole transition, they start looking forward. They appreciate that their employer has invested in them with the Outplacement and their brand remains strong in their opinion. Their CV is fit for purpose. Remember, often members of staff have been with a business for many years so will not have applied for roles externally, only internally, so where to start with a CV is added to the list of pressures for them. Also, they may not have attended interviews for a long time and again, where do I start with this? Outplacement can help Candidates look broader and see capabilities they can’t. Through coaching they may decided to take career breaks, go self-employed, temp, etc., the lists are endless however if you cannot see them and only focus on the negative, they will not be able to start the right next chapter.

Thankfully, with the people my colleagues and I have been able to assist over the years, the difference from when we initially meet them to them starting their ‘new chapter’ is phenomenal.

The power of Outplacement should not be underestimated. It’s a powerful tool that makes a world of difference from both a Business and a Candidate perspective.

The most important leaving gift you should give your impacted employee is the gift of Outplacement Support. It’s priceless.

To learn more about how we can help your business with Outplacement Support on a 1 to 1 or group session basis, please call Anne Murray on 678144 for a confidential chat or e-mail anne@searchandselect.com

Author: Anne Murray

Recruiter and top manager, Anne is also the owner of the best stocked bar this side of Vegas. Loves her budgies and venturing out in her camper van.

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