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Working your way up the career ladder to a senior role is a huge achievement, but when challenges dry up, how do you make the move to a better role? Many senior executives remain in their jobs for many years so moving onto a new company may seem daunting, but there are often exciting opportunities further afield. Senior executive jobs are in high demand but there is also strong competition for many other types of positions. This is why working with a top recruitment firm can make all the difference when it comes to landing that dream role.

So why exactly should you use a recruitment agency rather than apply directly for senior executive jobs?

Brush up your skills

Specialist recruiters know what the average company expects. Senior executives may have all the necessary skills for a role but not be selling themselves in the right way. A good recruitment company will help tailor your CV specifically and ensure every relevant skill is highlighted to potential employers.

If you have been working in the same firm for many years you may not have had to market yourself before. Your recruiter can help with this. They can make recommendations about your online presence, help to ensure you have the right social channels running and boost your professional reputation online. 79% of job seekers use social media in their job search already, but it's only effective if you have a social media presence which is professional and suitable to share with potential employers.

Furthermore, social media is a primary driving force behind many company's recruitment campaigns, so if you’re not using it, you’re chance of landing the right role decreases. A survey by Jobcast found 93% of recruiters are using LinkedIn to recruit and by working with a top hiring company in your niche, you’re positioning yourself more favourably for suitable roles.

Benefit from insider knowledge

Specialist recruitment companies know the firms they work with well. They have expert knowledge of those that are hiring, along with the senior executive jobs currently available. They know the skill sets required and are in the best placed position to put the right candidates forward for the right roles. They can also help you gain a better insight into the company’s culture and ethos, much more than you’ll gain from a simple job specification.

This insider knowledge also extends to interview technique. Recruitment companies have a comprehensive understanding of the types of questions you may be asked and can coach you on how to prepare and practice your answers.

Finding Senior Executive jobs to suit your skills

Top recruiters want to satisfy both their candidates and the firms they’re hiring for. With the right skill set senior executives can be recommended for the right roles that match their experience, while also offering a new challenge. At Search & Select, we have an extensive range of senior executive jobs available which you can explore today. You can also contact us to discuss your experience and find out more about the individual roles we currently have available.

Author: Sally Fenton

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