Time for a TEMP?

Mark Burman
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Temp for a temp?

It is a difficult time for many of us at the moment, staff off sick, people working from home, having to work from split sites but we need to keep going and not all companies can just close down temporarily.  Have you thought about bringing a temp on board?

We have some great candidates who are waiting to help you, whether you need someone to do data input, sort your post, prepare accounts or manage the team, they have a huge range of skills to offer and are ready and willing to start straight away.

Don’t have time to sort this out?

You don’t need to, you can leave it all to us.  We will make sure they are reference checked, have all their KYC and we will payroll them for you deducting the required tax and NI. If more checks are needed, talk to us.

Not sure if they will be needed all day and how long you need them for?

This is fine too, our temps will complete a timesheet for you to sign, and we pay them for the hours they work.  It really is as simple as that.  We can take care of everything while you concentrate on the tasks in hand.

So, if you think you could do with an extra pair of hands, let us know and we will send some great options to you.  We are here to help.

Mark Burman
Author: Mark Burman

He's our temp and contract recruitment specialist, but Mark also does accounts, IT and marketing. Spends his downtime fishing and marathon running.

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